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The Definition and The Important of Vocabulary

The Definition of Vocabulary | Vocabulary is the total number of words in a language (Hornby, 1995; 1331). Vocabulary is an important part to mastery English well. According to Pigeat’s theory, a child at the age of 7 – 10 years is always interesting in recognizing and knowing new words, he stands to repeat new words repeatedly so that he will memorize them. 

There are essential steps of learning vocabulary (Brown, 1995; 373) which has recited by Cameron: 

  1. Having source for encountering new words.
  2. Getting a clear image for the form of new words.
  3. Learning the meaning of new words.
  4. Making a strong memory connection between the form and the meaning of the words.
  5. Using the words.

In teaching to children, teacher has to use performance to teach vocabulary to them, because the children in literacy level are Performance, it means children learn language with accompanying action / scaffolding. In this level, teacher can use media, according to Nation (1990) in recited by Cameron is listed basic technique of explaining the meaning of new words.

By demonstration picture:

1)    Using an object
2)    Using a cut-out picture
3)    Using gesture
4)    Performance action
5)    Photographs
6)    Drawing and or diagram on the board
7)    Picture from books, TV, Video or Computer

By verbal explanation:

1)    Analytical definition
2)    Putting in a context
3)    Translating

The Important of Vocabulary

A good mastery of vocabulary helps the learners to express their idea precisely. By having many stocks of word learners will be able to comprehend the reading materials catch other talking, give response, speak fluently and write some kind of topics. On the contrary, if the learners do not recognize the meaning of the words use by those who address them, the will be unable to participate in conversation, unable to express some ideas, or unable to ask for information.

Considering the important of vocabulary role in learning foreign language. The mastery of this element should be ensured and develop. Otherwise, the vocabulary mastery of the children will be limited and consequence of it is that they will find difficulties in learning the skills of the language. Therefore, schools have a task to teach vocabulary to their students as suggested by John Carol as showed by Margaretha MC Keown (1987; 01).

Although a considerable amount of vocabulary, learning is associated with primary language learning in early years. The acquisition of most the vocabulary characteristic of an educated adult occur during the years of schooling, and infects one of the primary task of the school as far as language learning in concerned, as to teach vocabulary.

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