Saturday, April 27, 2013

Teaching Writing Using Series Picture on Recount Texts

Teaching Writing Using Series Picture on Recount Texts >>> Series picture is a number of similar or related pictures, one following another which has related events. The use of series picture is proper in teaching writing recount, because the media is easy to get. In arranging the series of picture the teacher have to consider what type of picture that the teacher might needs to tell it. The teacher has to arrange the picture based on the text organization and the events chronologically. Recount text organizations are orientation, events and reorientation. Let's see the step below:

1. Orientation

In orientation the picture puts the rest of the images into context. These pictures introduce important characters that will follow, give information about the place where the story is happening
Introductory pictures need to lead viewers into the body of the story. Introductory pictures should give people a reason to go deeper into the story.

2. Events
Good stories are more than just empty words. They explore ideas, feelings, experiences etc on a deeper level. Events picture will probably make up the majority of your story. They show what happens but also explore themes and ideas. Types of themes might include reorientation.

3. Reorientation

Good recount are quite intentional about the way they end their stories. Last impressions count and it’s worth considering what lasting image/s you want to leave with the viewer of your photos. By no means you need to tie up your story neatly. Good stories sometimes leave people feeling unsettled and wanting resolution, but do consider how you want to end. | Peacock


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