Monday, April 29, 2013

Definition of Reading According to David Nunan, Tarigan, Olson and Diller | General Concept of Reading

Definition of Reading According to David Nunan, Tarigan, Olson and Diller | General Concept of Reading >>> Before, I have posted some articles about the Definition of Reading according to some Experts. And this is an addition article which defines the same topic. Let's see what experts say about reading.

According David Nunan (1989:33) “Reading is not an invariant skill, that there are different types of reading skills that correspond to the many different purposes we have for reading”. So, in the classroom, in students’ reading activities, the writer is sure that they have many purposes, among others are to graduate from their school and to provide themselves with the knowledge to continue their studies whatever their purposes are. In order to achieve the goal, the comprehension ability in reading is needed. Nunan (1989:33) mentions that with the bottom-up approach, the reading is viewed as a process of decoding written symbols, working from smaller units (individual letter) to larger ones (words, clauses and sentences).

According to Olson and Diller (1982:42), what is meant by reading comprehension is a term used to identify those skills needed to understand and apply information contained in a written material. This statement is supported by Harris and Sipay (1980:179), who say that reading comprehension ability is taught to be a set of generalized knowledge acquisition skills that permits people to acquire and exhibit information gained as a consequence of reading printed language. There's even a sense that views reading as a process of giving meaning to visual symbols (Oka, 1983:11 in Jaenal 2010).

According to (Tarigan (1990:7) in Jaenal 2010) argues that reading is a process that is carried and used by readers who want to get the message delivered by the author through the medium of words or written language. According to (Oka (1983:15) in Jaenal 2010) if viewed in terms of differences in scope, it can be distinguished three kinds of meaning to read: Understanding the first is a narrow sense, namely the sense that regards reading it as a process of written symbols recognition. Into this process included the recognition of words carefully, in a wide range, and quickly.| By Peacock


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