Monday, November 19, 2012

Definition of Writing | General Concept of Writing (Meyers, Palmer, Harmer & Boardman)

Definition of Writing | General Concept of Writing (Meyers, Palmer, Harmer & Boardman) - English, as a language subject has four skills. They are Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. And, writing is the most difficult subject in the school since the students have to produce a text by using English. As said by some experts that language skills starts from speaking, listening, reading and the last step is writing. In writing, the students need to acquire those first to make sure what they want to write. They have to write about what they think in their mind and state it on a paper by using the correct procedure.

Let's see what the expertss say about writing. We start from Meyers. Meyers (2005) states that writing is a way to produce language you do naturally when you speak. Writing is speaking to other on paper – or on a computer screen. Writing is also an action – a process of discovering and organizing your ideas, putting them on a paper and reshaping and revising them.

In other words, Palmer (1994: 5) states that writing is recursive. It goes back and forth we plan a little, put words on paper, stop to plan when we want to say next, go back and change a sentence, or change our minds altogether.

Harmer (2004) states that writing is a process and that we write is often heavily influenced by constraints of genres, then these elements have to be present in learning activities.

Boardman (2002) states that writing is a continuous process of thinking and organizing, rethinking, and reorganizing. Writing is a powerful tool to organize overwhelming events and make them manageable. Writing is really a form of thinking using the written word. From the definitions above I can conclude that writing is a way to produce language that comes from our thought. It is written on a paper or a computer screen.

Now, after reading those statements, what is appear in your mind about the definition of writing?


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